Workshop introduction to photography

Are you interested in photography, but a starter and wanting to learn how to make better pictures? Then there is this ideal package for you. During two Saturdays from 9h to 12h at Kerkom (Boutersem), you’ll get all the basic knowledge. To be able to give everybody the attention he/she deserves, groups are limited to 5 persons. The workshops start when there is a minimum of 3 participants.

During the first Saturday we will discuss the importance of shutter speed, aperture and ISO-value. Also we’ll talk about composition and you’ll get some general tips. Once you understand all of this, we can focus on some domain aspects (portrait, nature, landscape, sport/moving children…)

Then you’ll have to “work” with what you learned during two weeks . The second Saturday I expect you to bring some of the pictures you made during this time and we’ll discuss them in our group. This because you can learn a lot from comments of other people. The time that’s left, I’ll give a brief explanation about working with flash and we’ll focus on a theme chosen by your group.

For the time being there are two sets of workshops provided: the first one is on saturday 7th and 21th of February 2015 (9h-12h), the second one on 7th and 21th of March 2015 (9h-12h).

For the price of 121 euro (VAT inc.) you not only get these lessons, but also a brief manual about all you learned. Off course you can also always contact me afterwards for feed-back on your pictures.

Convinced? Contact me to inform about availability.  I’ll give you the information about the payment and once that is completed, I’ll send you a confirmation of your registration.

Even if these dates don’t suit you,  send an email, other dates are maybe possible. If you are a group of 5 interested people , we can certainly arrange something.

Workshop sportphotography

Do your kids love to practice sport or are you just interested in photographing athletes, but you just don’t succeed in making the pictures you want? After following this workshop you’ll definitely make better pictures. Together with you I will follow a game of your kid/interest and during that time I will coach you personally. To not overload you with information during the game, I’ll give an introduction (about 1 hour) before the game. It will give you a better knowledge of some basic principles and technical capacities of your camera. Contact me if you’re interested, depending on duration of the event I’ll make you an offer. Maybe you can share the cost with other interested parents. But know that the group limit is 3, otherwise it’s impossible to give enough personal guidance.

Workshop made to measure

Do you have an idea, location, event you want to go to and you want some personal coaching or you just want to have one of the above workshops alone and at other moments, just let it know and I’ll prepare you a custom fit offer.